Icareus Audience Measurement for HbbTV and other devices

The most accurate data on your connected TV viewing

Audience Measurement and TV Ratings are evolving

Advertisers no longer have the same requirements, specially since this market has changed so much thanks to the increasing share of digital advertising. Indeed, for some years already, digital ad spending has by far overcome the traditional TV ad spending on the market.

New digital advertising formats, like those for Addressable TV, appear to be the only effective way to abord this new advertising paradigm on TV. This also means that traditional audience systems are losing their value.

In a nutshell, where data is king, the ability to collect and analyse it is what is mainly driving the change.  

Digital finally killed the TV Star

Discover Audience Measurement 2.0

Icareus Audience Measurement solution provides tools for TV Operators, Broadcasters and other service providers, like ad formats that allow you to collect information about the audience watching or using your TV service. The information can be collected from any application or device connected to the service, including HbbTV devices, set-top boxes, other SmartTVs, tablets, mobile phones and web services.

  • Continuous measurement

    Customers can see their data in near real-time via our Dashboards

  • No Panels, but real audience

    There is not upper limit on your ”panel” it is based on real audiences and devices

  • Non-intrusive, no actions needed by viewers

    User’s can opt-in or opt-out or you can just collect the data, it is always invisible and non-intrusive

  • Various data sources into single system

    You can collect all your viewing data into a video optimised platform from Linear viewing, on-demand, TV apps, advertising

  • Improve TV planning and quality

    Use the big data to better plan your programming and advertising

  • Use the data to make real-time decisions

    Are people fleeing from your live show, should you speed-up the discussion, use the data to optimize you live shows

  • Robust Cloud platform

    Icareus runs the platform in Amazon Cloud to ensure complete robustness

  • Icareus CTV pixel to ensure viewer experience

    Connected TVs are many and vary country by country. Icareus pixel ensures that the viewer experience is not compromised

  • Analytics proxy to feed 3rd party platforms

     Icareus can push the enriched TV analytics data to any 3rd party system in near real-time

  • Accurate and Reliable

    All processes have been optimized to meet the highest criteria and reliability requirements of broadcast systems

Some AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT customer cases



of the Measurement Data

Icareus Audience Measurement data can be used in many different ways including for:

  • Segmentation: per Age Groups, Gender, Geographical Area (based on IP address), etc.
  • Profiling: basic, advanced and real-time knowledge about the TV service consumption behaviours, with continuous measurement systems and long term behaviour analysis.
  • Analytics and Reporting: tools to answer the question: «Who is watching what and when?». Find out the most popular TV channels and programs, and who wants to watch what and on what time. Build data on the viewers behaviour and adjust your schedule to meet their preferences. 


of Icareus Audience Measurement

Icareus Audience Measurement is a complete platform to collect user data and monitor the user experience of the TV service viewers, inside both Broadcast and Broadband environments.

  • Cloud based solution: provides easy service launch and maintenance in a solid cloud environment.
  • Integration APIs: connects easily with the broadcaster and operators platforms through our Open APIs.
  • Available for all: supports all different TV platforms.
  • Additional databases: Possibility to get help from user databases for more accurate profiles
  • Customized reports: the solution provides customizable reporting opportunities so you can easily track what you need from your analytics.


to increase revenues

Icareus Audience Measurement solution collects the data from many different sources and different video services consumptions.

  • Linear Channel Viewership. Tracking the most popular channels based on device type, number of devices, channels, regions, events, time range, etc.
  • On-demand views. Popularity of on-demand assets based on devices, assets, regions, time, impressions, number of plays, etc.
  • Events. Understand the user patterns better with events, which are sent from the application and get detailed descriptions on how these are used and what buttons are pressed.
  • iTV Applications. Interactive applications are part of modern broadcast TV. Icareus Audience Monitoring follows and tracks also the behaviour on these Interactive services.
  • Ads. Monetizing the TV content and viewing can be done many dfferent ways, including ads, which can be broadcast video, IP-video or display ads. Audience Monitoring solution can track and report about all of them.

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